Things To Do in Phoenix

Phoenix has a lot to offer to the curious tourist. You can do some great shopping in Scottsdale or check out the museums in downtown Phoenix. You could also take a carefree hike in… Carefree! See some baseball in Mesa or if you’re more into football, catch a game of that or hockey in Glendale. Enjoy the beauty of the Desert Botanical Garden or brave a nice hike up Camelback Mountain. There’s lots of different types of fun for everyone!

Desert Botanical Garden 

You wouldn’t think that you could find beautiful flora in the desert, but the Desert Botanical Garden will show you that you can. This place hosts thousands of different species of cacti, flowers and trees from all over the world. All over the world! The beautifully colored plants contrast strongly against the barren backdrop of desert. You can experience the natural wonders of the region just like the earliest peoples did.  There are a lot of different events to take part in, like culinary demonstrations and even concerts. You should look for the special exhibits that are displayed for only a limited amount of time. Seeing the garden at sunset is an amazing experience as well.  Entrance rates are a bit steep, so come prepared.

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain is one of the tallest peaks in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s one of the greatest and most scenic places to hike in the city. You’ll get great views of Phoenix and Scottsdale from the summit, but the way there is by Echo Canyon Trail, which is very steep. Cholla Trail is a bit more forgiving, but prepare yourself for a fight as you near the top. There are many trails that are friendly to novices though. This is a serious hiking locale and not for those who come unprepared. Bring sunscreen and lots of water. The trails can get crowded due to popularity, and remember to bring your camera!

Musical Instrument Museum

The Musical Instrument Museum is located about twenty miles north of Phoenix, and it has a collection of over six thousand musical instruments from around the world. The first floor has concert footage and the clothes of various musicians on display. Guests will be able to see how different musical instruments are restored and preserved in the Conservation Lab, and then move on to actually playing them in the Experience Gallery. Kids really like this bit, so be prepared to get comfy – they may not want to leave!

The upper floor of the museum showcases instruments from many different geographic regions, offering a unique look at many different instruments. Visitors will be aided by video and audio in order to understand the instruments on a deeper level. The museum hosts two hundred concerts every year – two hundred! The music artists have varying styles and genres. If you like music than this museum will be a ton of fun. Phoenix, Arizona has a lot of different gems and jewels for visitors to discover! 

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